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hand Tattoo

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thigh flower tattoo

thigh Tattoo

thigh Tattoo

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  • Tomeka MooreTomeka Moore

    My son decided he wanted a tattoo for his 19th birthday; however, I haven't had a tattoo in over 10yrs, so obviously, I didn't know who to reach out to! My friend's daughter recommend "Urban Ink", being that she had just recently gotten her tattoo there.

    My son's artist name was Dee. He was very friendly, quick, and reasonable with his prices. My son got two tats for $90. I was grateful, because I wasn't trying to spend a lot.

    I say all of that to say, I would definitely recommend this shop and artist for those looking to get a new tattoo. !

    I will be returning for mine!!

  • Tamara EdwardsTamara Edwards

    Dee is an amazing tattoo artist. Very professional, kind and detail oriented. He takes his time and his work is exceptional.

  • Jada VaughanJada Vaughan

    Just went there and absolutely loved it. Everything was clean. He was super nice and really encouraged me through the whole process.

  • Breyanna NewmanBreyanna Newman

    I enjoyed my experience here...My artist helped me pick a tattoo that would look nice on me. Very professional. I am very satisfied with my tattoo

  • Nykki NotzNykki Notz

    Dee is very professional, he is not heavy handed, he's a great artist. He educates the client. And most of all, he is clean. Can't wait to go back there to get more work done!