hand tattoo

hand Tattoo

thigh flower tattoo

thigh flower tattoo

thigh Tattoo

thigh Tattoo

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Face Tattoo

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  • Keyonica WilliamsKeyonica Williams

    I highly recommend Dee! Hands down he is a very talented, patience individual. He pays very close attention to detail. I’ve gotten most of my tattoos done by him and I’m in love with them! 😍 THANK YOU DEE!!! 🙏 I’ll be back to see you soon! #tatlife

  • Latrice BrownLatrice Brown

    Dee did a amazing job on my sleeve he brought my vision to life. I will be back to complete the rest of my work. Thank you so much

  • Flipping HeadsFlipping Heads

    This is my first time getting a tattoo and I’d like to say that you either go big or go home. I am extremely impressed with these guys work. They showing nothing but the upmost skill. I couldn’t be happier with how this masterpiece turned out. I will always be any ambassador from this shop on their skills. I honestly can’t be more impressed with this. Thank you very much. NO REGRETS ask for DEE

  • Michael BlackmanMichael Blackman

    Dee is very detailed with his work, a true artist. Got my first tattoo with him and it was definitely worth it.

  • Tasharia JohnsonTasharia Johnson

    Very professional and nice. 3 of my tattoos were done by Dee. They all turned out great !